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Exooto Media b2b Program.

Are you a business owner looking for more lucrative product avenues?

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Whatever the reason, our new wholesale B2B program may be exactly what your company needs. Become a Member of our exclusive B2B consumer electronics and video gaming program today.    

Features of our B2B Program

  • Exclusive B2B Wholesale Customer Rebates

  • Bulk Product Discounts

  • Major Brand Products, easy to sell

  • Easy Sales in Video Game Category


  • Competitive Pricing
  • Speedy Shipping

  • Expert Customer Service

  • Dedicated Sales Representatives

Here’s what you have to do

It’s real simple, there is no catch, it’s completely free. All you need to do is sign up through one of the forms on this page, and we’ll create you an account, and you’ll get the appropriate discounts / rebates when available to your inbox. If you don’t like the emails you can simply unsubscribe at no cost. What have you got to lose? 

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We have business relationships with a selection of gaming retailers and would like to add your company to our list, even if you’re an individual starting your new business, this would be a great opportunity for you. We don’t have any restrictions other than having a business name / number and located in the US only.  Enter your details in the form fields and standby for our next gaming promotion. We offer bulk product discounts, pre order bonuses and lucrative new product opportunities all in your inbox (not just gaming, consumer electronics in general).

A little about us.


Action, Adventure Gaming Company

Release Date

July 2011


Exooto Media


Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo and more.. 

Exooto Media was founded in July 2011, and we’ve quickly become a go to resource for gaming gear and content.  We’re a premium technology company that sells the best selection of popular tech & gaming accessories on the market. Our goal is to provide you with more than the cheapest price, we want you to receive a high quality accessory with the ultimate value for your money. 

Our selection of gaming and tech accessories are from the largest leading and most innovative tech brands of the industry that offer nothing but high quality and aim for customer satisfaction. 

Rest assured any item you see we have listed for sale has been researched, tested and we have listed it for a reason. We hand pick a selection of the best products to ensure our customers are satisfied with the quality of every item they order from us. We deliberately source our products within the US and Canada to ensure optimal delivery and product satisfaction .

There really isn’t much more to it. 

Get started today by signing up to our free exclusive B2B program and one day you may see a deal you can’t refuse.

30 Day Returns

All items are backed with a return policy that protects our customer. We offer 30 day defective returns on all B2B orders.

Domestic & International Shipping

One thing we ensure is a speedy delivery, and if it’s not a quick delivery we don’t hide it from you. All of our products are shipped within US and Canada so don’t worry about when it’s being delivered. It can be 1-10 days (with minor exceptions)  

Payment and Currency

All of our products are in USD, we are currently working on implementing more currencies to our site, but for now USD only. 

B2B Offers

 Sign up for our B2B account for exclusive business discounts only (Bulk product discounts) 

Our customers love us

As we’re a relatively new company, its ok to be a little skeptical. Check us out on social media. With over 10,000 followers on Instagram and counting.

Questions or concerns.

We don’t shy away from our customers, if you have a question or a concern. Please reach out to us. You can email us on our contact page or message us on IG/Facebook.

one more chance.

Now that you know what we have to offer. You have a decision to make. Give us your name, email address and reap the benefits. P.S Phone number only required after placing an order. 

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